Little Green Landy

Land Rover Series 2a Restoration and Beyond

Little Green Landy

This is the record of the ground up rebuild of a 1966 Land Rover Series IIa Station Wagon. Purchased by me in November 2015 as the 2nd owner.

This much loved and hard working vehicle form Kanton Bern in Switzerland, is almost totally original and being bought back to life (slowly but surely) by an avid Land Rover enthusiast… Me 🙂

The Series 2a 88″ Station Wagon, whist not an overly rare beast, is becoming harder to find in original condition and this one has all the whistle and bells including passenger side windscreen wiper…. but no seat belts !

I have obtained the “certificate of factory record” form the  British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, stating the the vehicle was manufactured on 12th May 1966* and shipped to E Fehlman and Company, Zurich, Switzerland on 2nd June 1966.

This is the tale of Little Green Landy. I hope you enjoy the journey.


Little Green Landy (LGL)

*That makes LGL a Taurus… 

Update 22.09.18

With the passing of the MFK in Zurich on 15.08.18, work on the Land Rover is now all but complete. It’s a really fun thing to have been doing in my spare time but I’m happy it’s finished, leaving time for other interests. There will of course be a few teething issues to iron out in the short term and regular servicing to be done. For now, it’s job done on the restoration, many thanks for joining me in the garage for the last 3 years.



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