Quick one this evening.

The gear lever assemblies were stripped to their component parts, degreased and prepared over the weekend and odd evening this week. They’ve had a coat of primer, and two top coats and now ready to go back together and into storage.

Primary pinion was removed from the bell housing and a genuine land rover replacement ordered from Land Rover Treasure Shop in Cyprus

Work has also started on the bits n bobs taken off the engine. More to com on that.

…. and in other news… Richard chassis email yesterday to say the chassis is built and ready for shipment 🙂

I have lost a lot of photos from my phone so you’ll just have to use your imagination of the how the levers looked originally.

Short lever on the left; 4WD selector (yellow knob). Long lever in the middle of the picture; main gearbox (black knob). Long lever on the right; high range 2WD/ low range 4WD selector, (red knob)
Back together as far as they can be. Off to the basement for storage.


Primary pinion bearing (to be removed) resides behind the large castleated nut. This nut is on a left hand thread….
The official method of supporting the shaft whilst the nut it removed is shown thus. Take the old clutch plate, stick it in a vice and insert the shaft… and with a “tap” with a pin punch on one of the flats, the nut spins loose…. I was amazed that this was exactly what happened. Not the spiral on the shaft…. This exists to feed oil into the clutch release bearing
Now onto the small parts removed from the engine…. this is the water pump. Bearing and seal are new, so a good clean up and a couple of coats of high temperature paint is all that is required
Thats a bit more presentable.