With the axles on, a quick and simple task to finish Saturday afternoon off was to fit the steering assembly.

The original relay was seized rock solid in the old chassis…. and as they are quite specialist to service, a new one was procured. Inside the relay is the mother of all springs which provides the friction. Removing the 4 bolts on the top (bottom left) releases a highly compressed spring. BANG! Servicing them is not for the faint hearted


Relay slots into this hole in the first cross member. A generous coat of copped slip was applied to the body of the relay first…
Relay installed
Original relay plate (circular thing with 4 bolts) prevents the bottom end moving when steering and causing (more) vagueness in the steering. The early models were much thick and provided more resistance. The lower steering arm is also fitted.
The relay must be filled with EP90. 2 of the 4 bolts are removed. One to let the oil in, and one to let the expelled air out.
Reconditioned upper and lower steering arms ready for fitment
The track rod (long bar running between the wheels) has been in place since the front axle build and the vacant apertures on the drop arms will house the drag link.
Drag link offered up but not yet bolted in place. The bracket on the arm is for the steering damper.
Swivel joints torqued up to the correct setting
Old Man Emu steering shock bolted up
Front end complete