Its not really the second installation of installing the engine but it is a revisit as I missed a key piece during the installation. Consequently it did not sit straight in the chassis and it took some time and advice from the Series 2 Club to figure out what I had missed.

This wedge sits under the left hand engine mount (when viewed from the front). Evan without this wedge, the engine mount still locates with the chassis in a meaning way.

I didn’t in the end have to take the engine out as a strategically placed log (very technical) on the end of the trolley jack was enough to lift front just enough. An axle stand was placed beneath the timing case to security.

Before: There is a definite list to starboard. If you strike a line between the studs at 12 and 6 o’clock on the flywheel housing you can see, its not quite vertical.
After: With the wedge installed, the studs line up perfectly
The offending wedge, primed and painted in the correct location. 

And in other news:

Dip stick has been refurbished. It’s not a particularly set piece of equipment but wouldn’t look right with the mucky old one fixed back to the new engine.
Whilst I was in fettling mode last week, I cleaned up the heater tap and painted the knurled wheel