Those who have driven an old Land Rover in the dark and wet, will know the woeful lack of lumens at the front end. Halogen lamps help, but they draw a lot of current. This is fine if you have an engine with an alternator. LGL is still running a dynamo (as designed) so I’m keen to reduce load on it a much as possible.

LEDs draw a lot less current and provide a cleaner, brighter, crisper beam. Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions provide an LED conversion kit for the old style P45t bulb fixings allowing classic car owners to step (albeit briefly) into the 21st century


The box…but whats in it?
Hmm… sexy.
New LED lamp and original filament bulb. (both are dip and beam)
Conversion ring to mate the modern P43t lamps to old school P45t headlamp bowls
Heat sink removed and conversion ring in place
LED lamps employ a regulator. It adds a bit more wiring bat at least the 3 pin plug is a familiar fitment
Same arrangement on the drivers side. Offering up the regulator.
Two new holes drilled to secure the regulator
Regulator fixed in place, heat sink and wiring
Next step is to install the wiring kit for the head lamps
With the wiring installed the moment of truth…… put a 35 amp fuse into the fuse box. Perform some continuity testing…. and …. they work 🙂 and for those of you who are interested…. that’s 8000 Lumens.