As mentioned before, I plan to hang a second spare wheel on the back door. As the original vehicle only had 5 wheels, I’d bought a replica rim at some point last year.

It came delivered finished in black primer so it would need to be painted limestone. All the other rims (being original) were shot blasted and powder coated. Given this is a spare, I don’t think I need to go to the expense of having it powder coated.

So that everything matches I have a 6th Michelin XZL tyre in the bike shed and a tube. Once the paint has hardened off, I can get the tyre fitted and balanced.

Cleaned up and degreased and ready for a top coat of Limestone paint


Inside of the rim first…


Then the web…


Stood on end and the face of the wheel is sprayed

I will touch up the small areas touching the trestles once the paint has gone off

Some time later…..

Rim, tyre and tube have been fitted…