The original piece of glass from the old rear door will be reused in the new door. It needed a good clean up to remove the original sealant. Amazingly, the sealant not exposed to the elements was still tacky after all these years.

I bought some foam sealant strip and applied this to the metal frame. The glass butts against this and held in place by 6 aluminium angle brackets screwed into the frame. About as simple as it gets…

Orignal Triplex glazing


Self adhesive foam sealant applied to the inside edge of the frame


After given a quick rub down with a scotchpad, the retainers came up pretty well


Recycling the original self tapping screws


Sealant strip for the inside of the aluminium retainers 


Each one of the self tapping screws requires a corresponding 3mm dia hole drilled


Bottom strip screwed in. Sash clamp helpfully preventing the glass from falling out. It would be a shame to break it


Corner piece


Job done. I’ll trim any excess of foam sealant poking out of the edges and apply a small bead of black mastic to make sure it’s sealed properly


… and la pièce de résistance “The Best 4x4xFar” sticker

So what’s left to do:

  • Repair / replace fuel sender (means removing the fuel tank)
  • Wire up the 2 aux sockets direct to the battery
  • Rear door lock
  • Rear door trim
  • Interior roof lining
  • Interior light
  • Remove and refit the roof on the driveway
  • Obtain some temporary plates and go for a test drive
  • Abgase test (emissions test)
  • Apply for the safety test
  • Have an adventure…