img_0060The tale begins in November 2015 with the purchase of “Little Green Landy”. The vehicle was a good runner, complete and had just passed through the critical “Strassenverkehrsamt” test and was road legal for another couple of years. Brilliant. That gives me the time line to get the job done. So, with the assistance of a willing colleague (also a Land Rover enthusiast), we met the owner near Thun and trailered the Landy to its new home.

The owner did offer that I could drive the vehicle home on his insurance, which was very kind, but my experience of Series Land Rovers would have needed me to lug water, coolant, engine oil, gear oil and an ammo box full of tools onto a bus, then a train and another bus to feel comfortable  driving  (a hilly) 200km home….. at 70kph… (maybe 80kmh with a favourable gradient) The trailer option worked well and looked pretty cool too.

Arriving home from Konolfingen in Bern after a steady 80 kmh trip on the motorway
Hmm, This is a nice garage, I think I’ll stay.
LGL at his first photoshoot


I love the patina, you can see where the heal of the hand pressed against the door when opening the door handle and where the door was pushed closed above it. This is priceless
Need to find a more reliable door opener than a boom handle
Seating for 4 in the back
Seating for 3 in the front
2.25 litre, 3 bearing petrol engine