For record more then anything, the interior, still in its original trim was photographed so I have a record of how it all goes back together and a guide when it comes to remaking some of the pieces.

Designed to seat 7 people in acceptable comfort, this little car offers more capacity in the back than most modern hatchbacks, plus you can fill it with logs, bricks, rocks and rubble, bikes and boxes when the seats are folder up and all it needs is a clean with a hose pipe afterwards…. you cant do that with a Prius.

The door cards were beyond practical repair but very close replicas are readily available from  Exmoor Trim in the UK. The other interior panels, unique to the Station Wagon, will have to be remade. I’ve stored the originals so I have a template to work from and Exmoor Trim have agreed to sell me a length of the material they use to recover seats to match the new panels. The seats (front and rear) will be refurbished by Exmoor Trim in the UK.