After an enjoyable  couple of weeks bombing around in the Little Green Landy, (waving at other Landy owners, getting admiring looks from folks at traffic lights, and  refamiliarising myself with double clutching between 1st and 2nd) I decided, the absence of seat belts (not a legal requirements in 1967) and the fumes being sucked around the old seals on the  back door, it was time to start taking things apart. I had ordered inertia recoil seatbelt and associated hardware for the front but on balance, it didn’t make a great deal of sense to fit them only to remove them again shortly afterwards.

Series Land Rovers are a joy to work on…. a big boys (or girls) Mechano kit. They are mechanically simple and robust and are easy enough to maintain and keep on the road. I’ve spent enough hours “fettling” Land Rovers to know this but this is the first time I have take one to pieces…. to it components parts. Amazingly every nuts and bolt came off with little fuss… But remember, we are above the chassis at the point. It could (and did) get worse.