I’ve alway wanted one of these…. a safari roof. A neat design to keep things cool in warmer climes.

The “hard top”… i.e. the roof, has an additional skin fixed over it. This prevents the “hard top” heating up by virtue of the air gap between and keeping interior temperatures down.

To compliment this, there are 4 small vents integrated into the hard top that can be opened independently to push air into the vehicle. Together with the shuttle vents in the bulk head and shoddy door seals, air flow older Land Rover is excellent 🙂

Sun sheet in position
45 rivets drilled out and the sun sheet is removed to reveal 49 years of dirt
Under the dirt though is the original factory paint colour that could be matched for the respray
Safari windows
Hmm… still scratching my head how to deal with this
Roof vents