Getting down to the chassis is something of a milestone at which point the whole vehicle starts to look more like a project. The preceding days I had wire brushed the fixings I could reach easily and applied some household  Water Dispersant and amazingly all but 2 fixings on the rear cross member tub brackets come off with no fuss. These fixings will be replaced with matching stainless items during the rebuild.

For some reason I took no record of the seat box coming out but it will need a lot of work before it’s refitted. The tool / battery tray being made of steel has rotted beyond practical repair (for me at least) and there’s a lot of bi-metallic corrosion where it’s fixed to the aluminium seat box. I’ll post some pictures when I get round to repairing it.

The last time it will look like this for a while
Won’t be anywhere to sit by the end of the day
Gearbox sees the light of day for the first time in 49 years… and I have to clean and rebuild it at some point
LGL looking a bit sorry for himself… (Trust me, its going to be worth it fella)… and in the back ground, (left) my neighbours hedge which he’s just finished trimming… He must have used a laser, it looks excellent. (Maybe he has a blog about his hedge with satirical comments about his neighbours Land Rover restoration?)
Looking forwards to  being back in the garage
Still looks like a Landy  😉