One of the distinguishing features of the Series 2 and 2a (aside for the headlights being in the grill and the door hinges) are the clocks in the centre of the dashboard. They didn’t relocate to behind the steering wheel until the launch of the Series 3 in 1971.

After some weeks of mainly taking the Land Rover apart, I needed to repair something (if you have ever read “Zen and the Art or Motorcycle Maintenance”, you’ll know what I mean). The clocks are in good working order and read correctly… they just looked a little tatty. eBay is full of folk selling clock surrounds for all manner of classic cars and for a few pounds, new Jaeger glass, seals and surrounds transformed the look of the clocks.

I took the time to clean the face of the clocks with some degreaser on a cotton wool bud whilst I had the glass out. Looking forwards to seeing them back in the dash panel…..

Speedo and fuel & charge indicator dial….. Before….
… and after. Fuel tank is still empty though…


Oil pressure and water temp gauge … before
… and after (its not quite the correct profile but close enough)