The rear tub. After removing the seats etc, I was surprises how easily  it came off the chassis. It’s quite an unwieldy thing to move about once its off the chassis. It is for the time being being stored (along with the rest of the body work) in the bike shed to allow work to continue in less cramped conditions.

Part of the exercise was to drill out all the rivets and remove the galvanised cappings. There’s a combination of blind “pop” rivets and dome head rivets. The “pop” rivets are simple to drill out but the dome head rivets need first to be centre punched to give the drill bit a guide.

The exercise also served as a record of what type of rivet goes where. Now, I never thought of myself as a rivet counter but I may now be developing the symptoms.

The galvanised cappings (along with all the other galvanised parts) will eventually be regalvanised. The rear floor will have to be replaced. The hard working life of this Land Rover has left it with a well worn and damaged floor. It works fine enough as a floor, you can stand on it and not crash though to the chassis  but as the rest of the car is in piece, it seems silly not to make a proper job of it. More on that later.


Dome head rivets / pop rivets