The new speedo arrived on Thursday. 5 days. That’s a record for a package from the UK.

I’m now an expert at removing the dash panel and the speedo so without further ado… it’s out with the old and in with the new… Did you see what I did there 😉

Why can’t modern packaging be made like this. 100% recyclable, reusable and lasts for decades


I’m hoping not to find a hamster in this lot…


Genuine Jaeger speedometer. Genuine, waxed paper packaging. I couldn’t find one with a trip meter but that’s fine.


When I recondition the clocks  the bezels were changed from the black to chrome, mainly because of availability. The new speedo has an original black bezel, the old, a chrome one. As the fuel and charge indicator dial now have a chrome bezel, I need to swap the bezels on the speedometers.

Before the swap


After the bezel swap.


Record of when the  speedometer was exchanged. 

As far as I know this is the 3rd speedometer. From the records I have on the vehicle, both the previous units were replaced around 140,000 km.

Roughly speaking LGL has done 300,000 km, or 500 km per month for 50 years.

New speedo introduced to its binnacle. Chrome bezel matches nicely with the fuel and charge gauges. The oil pressure and water temperature (out of shot) complete the matching ensemble.