Regular readers will know that a new chassis is on its way, so its time to declutter the garage. The old chassis had been propped against the wall since about May 2016, so it’s time to get it ready to take it to the recycling.

I had enquired on how much it would cost for a scrap yard to collect it….400Chf!  The local recycling station wouldn’t take it as its part of a car; so I spoke to Land Rover, it came form them after all. They were more than happy to accommodate. I’ll buy some EP90 from them as a thank you.

As the chassis weighs about 200kg, I can’t get it on a trailer on my own, so I cut it up into 3 bite sized chunks. The rear end from the gearbox back is in quite a bad shape. Not as bad was we see folks in the popular press dealing with, but bad enough: I don’t want to be chasing rust down the chassis rails at every inspection. There had been some welding to the rear cross member and some patches around the rear spring mounts (not an easy place to let in new steel), and the chassis under the bump stops had rusted right though.

I had already removed the front dumb iron for record of the chassis number… Just in case someone asks.


I will keep the 2 handles and the curious towing assembly
View down the chassis rail and some previous patches
Neatly stacked up


About a kilo of corrosion fell out of the chassis rails
Next stop: Land Rover