A brief foray into the garage this evening accompanied by an audio book by Nevil Shute “Slide Rule” (if you are in anyway engineeringly minded, a fascinated listen / read)… but I digress…

The objective was to remove the main shaft, main bearing (and it’s carrier) and strip all the gears off the main and lay shaft. Nearly all of this was achieved.

With a gentle tap, the main shaft comes out from the bearing and can be removed from the front of the main case
Removal of the giant spring clip form the bearing carrier
Cleaning some of the gloop way reveals the date 14 Feb 1966. This has been stamped rather than cast the significance of which I will try and find out. It may be the build date… on valentines day…. Sweet 😉
Bearing carrier ready to be drifted out of the main case
Bearing carrier having been drifted out of the main case
Main shaft bearing waiting to be drifted out of the bearing carrier (lots of drifted this evening)
Its a very tight fit. A little heat and the bearing comes out easily
Main shaft bearing and carrier. No Taiwanese bearings in here.
The reverse gear will take some more encouragement to remove. The whole shaft needs to be drifted out of the rear of the box and it was getting a bit late to be hammering things
Gear assembly left to right: Transfer gear, main shaft, lay shaft
Another puzzle to solve…. How to remove this spring clip from the main shaft???
Component parts as far as I’ve got. Good night.