With the mounts, levers and selector shafts removed, the next step in the operation is to separate the Main Gearbox and Transfer Box.

First, the transmission brake (hand brake) needs to be removed and this is it… the large round black object. The rear prop shaft fixes to the 4 bolts in the centre of the brake, this in turn, connects to the rear axle providing  motion 🙂
The transmission brake is a drum brake, which, when activated, forces the two pads against the drum (now removed) stopping the output shafts rotating. The centre nut (which is missing its split pin) needs to be removed to get the drive flange and brake assembly off.


As neither the front output shaft or input shaft has anything attached to it to resist my turning of the centre nut, some thought needs to go into how I “hobble” the gearbox so I can undo the centre nut…..

First of all, a couple of strap bolts and fixed through the front output flange and an old half shaft from the rear axle braced between them As I turn the centre nut at the other end of the gearbox, this arrangement will resist my efforts allowing me to release the nut. Got it?
Socket and bar ready to go, now it will simply unscrew.. right?


Even with me belting it with a lump hammer, it won’t budge and I don’t want to abuse it to much incase I damage the lugs where the gearbox is fixed to the engine mount.

So, what I need it a BIG lever. Hmmmm, big lever, where can I find a big lever?


… the handle of the trusty farm jack. This is such a versatile tool, everyone should have one.

With the longer lever in place, this provides additional “mechanical advantage” (F=W x X)/L)
Transfer case sump plate removed. The Intermediate gear (middle gear) needs to be removed before the two boxes are separated
Transmission brake assembly and speedo housing (sorry no pics of that) removed. The shaft on which the intermediate gear rotates (intermediate shaft) is the small round dowel in the middle of the case. With the removal of the small retaining plate, the intermediate shaft pulls free… be sure to cradle the intermediate gear as the shaft is withdrawn
From left to right. 2nr thrust washers. 1nr intermediate gear. 2nr roller bearing. 1nr intermediate shaft….. all are original. The shaft and gear are still within tolerance, the bearings and bushes will be replaced.
TRANSFER CASE: With the intermediate gear removed the remaining fixings can be accessed to separate the transfer and main boxes
MAIN CASE: Still with its the main and layshaft in position. More on that next time…. I hate cliff hangers 😉