Friday (25.11.16) saw the return of the original engine form Turner Engineering in the UK and I’m really impressed. Its the same oily old lump featured in an earlier post, and the transformation is amazing. The delivery also included running in oil and quality set of engine gaskets.

For those interested in what has been done to the engine, you can see the details here, it’s not LGLs engine but it’s passed through the same process.

With the chassis mobile again, the engine can be installed and anciliaries fitted.

Nice to have my pallet back. Im going to use it as the base for a timber store.
Engine, gasket set and box of running in oil and sundries
Ta da … 🙂
Dip stick side
My refurbished engine brackets and new rubber mounts
Bracket bolted on and rubber mount loose fitted, this will assist guiding the engine into the correct location
Same on the timing side of the engine
Next is the flywheel housing. The gasket set came with a new rubber O ring seal… which was handy as the replacement gasket set I had bought previously didn’t include one.
Flywheel housing bolted on
Next comes the flywheel. The hole between 12 and 1 engages with the stud in the corresponding location on the output flange. This ensures the flywheel is in the right location in relation to the crank. (important for timing the engine). The clutch engages with the face of the flywheel.
The 8 bolts securing the flywheel are torqued up to 8.9mKg. (recommended range being 8.5 – 9.0 mKg)
To stop the engine rotating during “torquing” of the flywheel bolts, a crow bar is used to brace the starter dog on the other end of the crank. As the bolts on the flywheel are tightened, this bar prevents the engine from rotating. Without this, the flywheel bolts could never be tightened to the correct torque.
Engine steady bolted on and ready to lift
Up we go….The lift makes light work of the 200 Kg lump
It took some “joggling” back and forth… The front wheels had to be removed and a axle stand placed under the 2nd cross member…. otherwise the engine crane would not have got past the front wheels. Also, I had fixed the larger of the 4 mounts (2 for the engine, 2 for the gear box) to the engine brackets, thinking the larger ones will be for the heavier engine… logical I thought, but….. wrong. ‘Tis the other way around.
Engine back in place. Curiously the engine seem to have a slight list to starboard….