The original distributor was well past its best. That said, the original unit did function reasonable well. The engine started and ran smoothly but after 50 years it was time for a new one.

This is a replica Lucas 25D distributor form Accuspark. The original points and condenser are replaced with an electronic ignition module. This performs the same function whilst eliminated all serviceable parts. Some may say this is a disadvantage as serviceable parts can be “serviced”. Personally speaking I have had endless trouble with Lucas points on British motorcycles in the past and am more than happy to dispense with trying to set the correct gap (with varying thickness of Rizla) at exactly the right point in the stroke (and failing, I might add) and adopt some modern technology.

Distributor and associated hardware
Distributore drive spigot
Spigot adaptor. Its important the line through the grooves on this adaptor point a cylinder no 1 when both the exhaust and inlet valve are closed… which it does.
Gasket and original adapter plate held in place with new stainless BSF bolts
Original clamp and new cork gasket in place
To ensure we are roughly on the right cycle of the motor, the timing mark on the flywheel is set to 6 degrees before TDC (Top Dead Centre) This is the optimal setting for modern unleaded petrol.
Distributor in place
The high tension cables are cut to length and fixed in the distributor cap (I hope in the correct order) The two loose wires will find a purpose later in the build once the main wiring room is fitted