With the exception of the overdrive and sump plate, the gearbox is back together again. New gears, bearings bushes and seals have been used throughout…. and not a “blue box” in sight. So, its time to role the chassis onto the drive, dig out the engine crane and drop the gearbox into place. I loosened off the exhaust studs at the manifold so any adjustment in the engine would not put undue stress on the down pipe and manifold

Ready to role
Some fiddling about was required to get the drivers side mount under the exhaust pipe
Some hi temperature grease applied to the input shaft
With a trolly jack under the sump, the correct angle was found for the shaft to mate with the crank
… and with some wiggling about, the splines engaged and the gearbox moved onto the flywheel housing studs
Gearbox all the way on….
…. and bolted up. (there should be a spring washer behind the nut but I have run out of the correct size. These will be fitted once a new batch arrives)
Original engine and gearbox are reunited
Final part to be fitted in this episode is the transmission brake
Backplate and pads in place…they’re less blurred in real life
The prop shaft can now be attached