It is now time to start with some of the bodywork. To finish the engine bay, the radiator needs to be fitted and as this is housed in the radiator panel, this is the first piece of the bodywork to get attention.

Unfortunately, the radiator is in quite poor shape and needs a complete re-core…. something I cant do myself so this will be farmed out locally but in the mean time the rad panel can be prepped and painted


Radiator with lights, bonnet strip and catch in place… and huge amounts of oily sludge
Hardware removed
50 years of accumulated oil. This took some shifting.
Ready for stripping
Back down to bare metal and off for a quick appointment with the steam cleaner, then overnight to dry fully
The radiator panel is one of the few steel parts on a Land Rover and this one is in near perfect condition… (aside from a small dent which I live with) Most, after 50 years, have rusted out though the bottom. To prevent any potential rust issues, the panel is given two good coats if Buzzweld RCP. (same as used on the axles)
LGL trying on the primed radiator panel for size. Original spec “Light Green” paint has been ordered.