The search for a new Genuine Land Rover cross shaft took a while and even longer to ship but finally all the parts needed to rebuild the clutch slave / release mechanism arrived.


The cross shaft, needed a bit of rub down with some wet and dry in order for the new brass olive to fit over. New felt washers were also purchased, the rest of the parts were reused
This hardy little assembly converts horizontal force into rotational force in order to disengage the clutch
New split pins were also user
Cross shaft, installed, freshly greased and fixed to the clutch slave cylinder bracket with new stainless fixings
New clutch slave cylinder and push rod. The rounded end of the pod pushes into the end of the rubber boot. The threaded end of the rod engages with the cross shaft via a clevis pin.
Pushrod and clevis plin fixed to the cross shaft. 
All done. When the clutch pedal is depressed the slave cylinder push rod forces the cross shaft to rotate (through about 20 degrees) which in turn, forces the the clutch release mechanism against the pressure plate of the clutch, thus disengaging the engine from the gearbox. The junction to the clutch release mechanism can be see on the side of the gear box