Time for the top coat and to refit some of the parts that adorn the radiator panel. The radiator is being completely rebuilt but more on that at a later date.

After the expenditure of some elbow grease rubbing down the Buzzweld RCP (which goes off rock hard) to a good starting point, the top coat was applied with 1.5″ paint brush. This is the only piece that I will paint in this fashion but the finish is pretty good. There’s a few brush marks on the “public” side of the panel but you have to be quite close to see them.

Once the radiator is available, the front panel will be removed to fit this, along with the fan cowl.

Although quite hard to see, the correct rubber feet and new brackets for the front valance have been add along with the bonnet rest strip… and of course new stainless UNF fixings
From the rear…..
Slam plate and bonnet release mechanism
Slam pate in place
Release mechanism from below. (A good session in the dishwasher cleaned this right up)
Im pretty sure these aren’t the original headlamps as the glass lens is embossed “Made in Japan”… Yik. They should be stamped “Lucas. Made in England”. BUT…. the bowls are not rusted in the least, so they are being reused. The only modification will be the halogen bulbs will be replaced with LEDs