At last, I’m able to collect the new radiator from the guys at Rigi Kühler. If you need a bespoke aluminium rad for your …. whatever …. and happen to be in the Luzern area, these guys are the bees knees.

They made a very faithful copy of the original unit. The swages in the header are omitted but both the inlet and outlet spigots line up with their respective piping exactly. I’m very pleased with the finished product. Much to my surprise it’s not far off the weight of the copper cored original.




The radiator fits into this aperture on the back of the radiator panel
14 new stainless steel BSF fixings and its fixed to the radiator panel
These won’t rust… ever.
The fan cowl was offered up and the holes for the fixings were very carefully marked out and drilled
A small section of the cowl was cut out and the top folded over to make a “softer” edge as its quite close to the top of the coolant pipe… and we don’t want any cuts
Fan shroud fixings pressed in 

It took some trial an error to figure out the best way to fit the whole assembly onto the chassis. It certainly doesn’t fit with the shroud in place as it fowls the fan.

Fan cowl removed and placed on the engine…
Then it all comes together. Radiator plan, radiator and fan cowl all in place…. all that without chipping too much paint.
Shroud for fan cowl fitted
The top hose runs from the radiator to the thermostat housing and is held in place with original type wire clips
Top tube trimmed to the correct length and fixed in place.
It’s a bit of weird angle but this is the bottom tube cooling system