The original rear panels were pretty beaten up along with the rear body angle mount. The replacement panels are the single Britpart replacement part in the whole vehicle… and are actually quite good quality. The angle mount is from Bit 4 Landys as is an identical profile to that of the original.

As I had to drill out all of the spot welds to remove the old units, I have to replace these with some form of fixing. As I don’t have spot welding equipment, I’ll be using 3/16th blind rivets instead…. Not as the design department intended but won’t look too out of place.

First of all, is to replace the 2 blown spot welds in the side of the tub. Step 1, drill them out.
Step 2, clamp the two surfaces together…
Step 3, drop in the two pop rivets
From the inside
Right hand side end panel and body angle offered up
Measure twice, drill once
Now for the same on the other side.
3 rivets on the inside of rear tub
Rear body angle drilled ready for new fixings
These fixings are only a temp fit and will be removed for painting
Rear end back together. Only remaining parts are the corner cappings. These will have to wait until after the painting is complete.