With the battery installed, a quick and easy job would be wire up the starter motor and test it. The 50 amp cables from Autosparks come with the ends made off and cut to the correct length. The Rocky Mountain starter motor comes with a wiring diagram of sorts but I’m not sure it covers positive earth S2IIa Land Rovers… We’ll see.

Typically the battery cables connect via the starter button, one cable on each switch terminal. The instruction tell me BOTH cables need to be connected to one terminal of the starter switch with a low amp (14 gauge) cable running from the now vacant switch terminal to the small (and obvious) terminal on the stater…. as per the diagram below … (We’re interested in the red box)


So far so, so good…. There are 3 terminals on the starter motor….. non of which are labeled, positive, negative or anything else. Fortunately the vague instruction do state to connect the high amp (red cable in the above diagram)  to the outer-most terminal (furthest away from the body of the starter).


The three untitled terminals

As the main cables come with both ends made off, not much to do there except bolt them in pace but the lower amperage cable arrives in it component parts…. and in an attempt to make the topic a bit more inserting…. here’s the “correct” way to make off the ring terminals….

Kit of parts…. the ring terminals delivered in the kit were the “crimp on” type (the ones with the plastic ends) . I replaced then with crimp and solder items. I also added a couple of strips of shrink wrap
Cable stripped off and the smaller of the two terminals slipped over the top up to the insulation
The terminal is then crimped to grip the exposed copper cable
Before the other end is added, the two lengths of shrink wrap is slipped over the cable
Gas powered soldering iron
The ring terminal is heated and the solder touched off on the end of the iron
Nice, neat finish. Not only does this make for a far better electrical connection, its also makes it less likely the cable will be pulled out of the terminal
The soldering tip is swapped for the hot air blower…. to shrink the heat wrap (for some reason the hot air blower, no longer blows hot air but you get the idea)
After ….
Both ends made off
Outer terminal wired up with the high amp cable and the 14 gauge fixed to the smallest terminal