Quick one this evening…..

After a few weeks hoarding parts in the back of the 110, it was time to unpack the new Rocky Mountain Door Tops.

These have become quite sought of the last few months whilst the UK distributor changed hands. Originating in Canada (and manufactured by the same folks who made the new suspension), they are of exceptional quality and will certainly outlast cheaper variants on the market.

They aren’t cheap but having had a set on a Series 3 previously I’d rather pay the money than have to rivet them back together in a few years. They don’t rattle, rust and actually keep rain water out.

They arrived in naked aluminium so I will need to deglaze them, prime, paint and put back together.

Well packaged
Extruded and welded aluminium frame, and unique to these are the fact that both panes of glass can be slid open not just to rearward pane…. (the glass on Series Land Rover doors don’t wind up and down, they slide back and forth) The door tops can also be removed from the door bottoms by removing a couple of nuts… Ideal in hot weather

To accompany the funky new door tops and delivered last week from Ashtree Land Restorations were the 3 new doors. Again, these aren’t the cheapest on the market but are very good quality.

The steel frames are fully galvanised before the aluminium skin is bonded on the frame, this eliminates rusting of the steel frame (as its galvanised) but also eliminates bi-metalic corrosion occurring between the steel and aluminium

The holes in the rear door are for a spare wheel carrier. Not an original feature on LGL as the spare was mounted on the bonnet, but I plan to fit one on the rear door too… just because 🙂
Ashtree doors with RM door tops
I will reuse the original gazing but I’m thinking about replacing the original locks with anti burst items. There will also have to be a third hinge added to cope with the additional weight of the spare wheel
Inside of the door bottoms. Shiny galvanised frames. After painting, but before the replica  door trims are installed, I will line the inside with Dynamat sound deadening.
Same on the inside of the rear door. The frame is drilled for the middle hinge so just a case of drilling though the aluminium skin….