The hinges on the Series 2 and 2a are unique to the model. One can easily identify if a Land Rover is a Series 3 or late 2a by the hinges. “If they stand proud, you’re part of the crowd”

LGLs need a little bit of work before they re painted and refitted. First thing to do is to take them apart….

Original hinges from the 3 doors.
A motley crew of hinge bolts… some original… some less so
To fetch paint off smaller parts, paint stripper is the best way forwards. Nitromors would be favoured product for tripping paint but nothing that caustic is available here.
The herbal alternative to Nitromors does a very good job
Whilst I was at it, I stripped the roof vent trims at the same time
Jury rigged washing line
First coat of primer

I’ll post some more pics once the hinges are painted green and the new bolts and olives arrive.