What seems a lifetime ago, I rebuilt the steering box. For the last 9 months it’s been taking up space in the basement contemplating if it will every be reunited with the bulkhead…. Well it’s now back where it should be… and thus far hasn’t leaked any oil 🙂

Steering box and assorted bits and pieces
Main bracket loosely in place with new stainless fixings
Next step is to slide in the steering box and bolt it up to the bracket. There was an element of wriggling about to get the two threaded bolt holes lined up. I cut a slot down an old bolt (of the same thread pitch) and cleaned the threads in the steering box. Using a generous portion of thread lock I bolted everything together. Pleased with my progress I made a cup of tea.
… the more familiar end
New neoprene gasket and reconditioned retainer fixed in place 

It was at this point that the realisation I should have fitted the steering shroud retainer BEFORE fitting the steering box dawned on me…. everything off again. More tea….

Shroud retainer braket in place
Steering box back in (new thread lock) and everything bolted up with new stainless nuts and bolts
Last but not least…. Fill the box up to the underside of the filler hole with the most expensive oil in Switzerland… Castrol EP 90