One of the quintessential body components on a Land Rover are the “scuttle vents”. These enable a flow of air direct into the cab by opening up two large longitudinal vent flaps on the bulkhead…. one might call it the ram air effect.

They featured on all but the very earliest Series 1s right up to the 2007 Defender. One push of a lever would force cool air direct into the cab… and if NOT fitted with the fly screen…. along with any passing wasps.

The vent flaps were some of the first items I resprayed… pictured here with the original openers
… and they fit in these two openings
but first, new seals have to be fitted
I had quite a lot of Loctite sealant left over, so I used some of that… You should see me ice a cake 😉
New seals pressed into place
New stainless steel vent bolts
Vents reinstalled
Openers fixed to the vent flaps and bulkhead
With the seals being brand new, the vents are very hard to close….these won’t  be opened again for a long time