I’ve got a little bit out of sequence with this part of the build (in terms of updates to the the site v’s what’s actually been going on in the garage) so you’ll see some overlap in the pictures.

I rebuilt the brake & clutch tower last october and short of needing new cork base gaskets, they were ready to install.

Clutch on the left…. brake on the right
Blank bulkhead for them to fit into (clutch in the right aperture, brake on the left)
New cork gaskets
Foot of the clutch pedal goes in first at an angle and rotated to line up the 6 bolt holes
Brake and clutch towers reunited with the bulkhead. NB: I have since added the correct length fixing. I only had a hand full of 3/4 inch bolts left at the time.
New brake and clutch lines from Pegasus Parts were installed. These are pre bent on a special mandrel and line up almost exactly. I have gone for the CV type brake master cycling rather than the CB type. The CV was used on the 109″ vehicles and the CB on the 88″. From the perspective of originality, I should have used a CB. When I bought the CV type, I was under the impression it offered more braking power… I was wrong… it doesn’t. (and it’s a lot harder to bleed. Hmm. Lucky me)
Original brake / clutch reservoir