The final job to finish the hydraulic system was to connect the brake and clutch master cylinders to the 5 way block and slave cylinder respectively. The final coils of cupronickel hydraulic pipes from Pegasus Parts were straightened by hand (gently) and the first tight bends made using a home made mandrel…. a length of aluminium tube held in a vice…. after that, the installation was relatively straightforward.

The feed pipes from the reservoir were removed for easy access. New pipes strategically bent to match up with the brake and clutch master cylinders
New stainless pipe clips and  screws secure the 2 lines to the bulkhead
The clutch line is fixed to a new Goodridge braided hose
Slightly out of sequence…. Earlier in the week, I reinstalled the original bracket that holds the flexible hose from the end of the clutch pipe feed to the clutch slave cylinder. A steel one had been welded on during the bulkhead rebuild but this had snapped off some time ago. (You can see what’s left of it behind the black bracket)
Slave cylinder viewed through the inspection hole. There’s just enough room to get a spanner and bleed pipe onto the nipple. A large rubber grommet closes this off normally
Funky Goodridge stainless braided hose fixed in place
Feeder pipes connected back up and that’s the hydraulic system complete…. aside from bleeding