Time to move on with the electrics. I’ve mentioned in other posts this is the least anticipated part of the rebuild. I’m by no means a novice to Land Rover electrics but it is the least favourite part of vehicle ownership.

However…. I am in the fortunate position, I don’t have to figure out what a previous owner may have done… there’s no spurious additions… Radio, CB, spot lights, 12v sockets and I am starting with a brand new wiring loom from AutoSparks

I have had additional wiring added to the original to loom design to cater for… spotlights and 12 volts sockets !

Here we go then… fingers crossed, I hope I “don’t let the smoke out”…Original Lucas wiring smoke is becoming increasingly hard to find 😉

First of all the two main spurs had to be installed into the bulkhead. Easy enough. Conveniently, the rubber grommets are already installed on the loom
With colour coded wiring diagram in hand the dash panel can be wired in
Not as bad as I thought it would be. Checked, double checked and triple checked…. everything connected where it should be. I had to make some short tails to wire in the warning lights, all of which were crimped, soldered and shrink wrapped 🙂
That’s the clocks all wired in. I will have to remove the dash panel again to fit the speedo cable but I am reasonably happy the wires are connected where they should be…. until the moment of turning the key… where I will be quite nervous.
Whilst I was at is, I installed these neat twin power sockets form Bits for Landys. I added the switch… I like to know things can switched off