Its been quite handy of late, not having a floor in the Landy but its time to fit it. One of the reasons for doing it now, is I have all the parts and fixings in one place so it’s a job that can be finished  without having to wait 2 weeks for a missing component.

As with much of the bodywork between the drive train and cab, the floor panels and gearbox tunnel also got a good coating of Dynamat.

This increases the mass of the light weight aluminium parts. The product data sheet describes Dynamat eXtreme as, “Light weight, elastomeric, butyl and aluminium vibration damper” Broadly speaking an undamped sheet of steel (1mm thick) has a damping loss factor in the region of 0.001 at 200 Hz. With the Dynamat installed, this is drastically increased to 0.417 at the same frequency ! (Loss factor measure in “n Comb”)… Wow… Science. Miss that in my life.

With the floor panels in, I could also fit the original High / Low and 4 Wheel Drive gear knobs…. (see last image) Yellow knob is pushed down to engage 4 WD in high range.  The Red lever is pulled back to engage Low Range & 4WD and also to return normal running to 2WD High Range.