With the unit installed to the transfer case, it’s time to fit the gear lever and linkage. This consists of a tie rod from the rear of the overdrive case to a lever fixed through the gearbox tunnel to a bracket, which in turn, is fixed back to the main gearbox.

New bracket and bell crank; one end of which has the shift lever, the other, a rose joint to the tie rod
The bell crank has to be removed to fit the new L bracket
Next, a 50mm dia. hole needs to be drilled for the new bell crank and lever to fit. A line is struck parallel to the L bracket. Its easy enough to see with the seat box cover removed. The idea is to drill some pilot holes until one of them lines up with the centre of the nut on the L bracket. This way, the centre of the bell crank is centred correctly. The lower right hole is right on target 


With some “DUCT” tape and paper to stop the swarf sticking to the dynamat, its time to cut the hole. It’s essential to wear some sort of eye protection
Nice neat hole with the L bracket and welded nut inside

I managed to delete the pictures of fitting the bell crank and rod installation… and those of the dust seal.

Rose joints and tie rod in place. Getting the other end in place was a bit ricky
Bell crank, lever, dust shield and retaining ring fitted. Job done. 4 levers in my cab 🙂