The sunshade (part number 90608551) is a great device for keeping sun and rain off the wind screen. I had this one on a Series 3 and it worked very well. As they are few and far between, I kept it when the Series 3 was sold.

Fitting the sunshade gave me the opportunity to try out my new riv nut tool. A riv nut is a threaded insert that allows a strong mechanical fix in a location where tapping a thread is not practical. It performs similar to a pop rivet and is basically a compression fit. You insert the riv nut, “squash it” with the tool and it leaves you with a threaded insert to screw a fixing into. If you’ve ever installed a bottle cage on a steel  or aluminium bicycle frame…. the threaded hole into which you screw the bottle cage fixing is a riveting nut.

After some careful measuring…. holes were drilled and the inserts put in place
Ready for squashing 
Both inserts “squashed” into the original windscreen frame
Sun shade painted to match the body colour
Same on the drivers side
Theres also a bracket on the centre post of the windscreen to keep things stable at “high speed” 😉
Everything aligned (almost) perfectly. I’ve since replaced the passivated nuts and bolts and bolts with stainless fixings
View for the inside. These really do make a difference and aid keeping rain, snow and sun off the windscreen.