Every couple of years in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, Series Helvetie host (at the kind permission of the Swiss Army) a Series Land Rover weekend. I’ve known about this ever since I moved to Switzerland and this year, I managed to attend.

The event is laid back, friendly and as you might imagine, extremely well organised. It’s only with the support of the Swiss Army and local farmers this event can be held. All of the off road sections are on private land and driven with the permission of the land owner. The Swiss Army also allow the use of their tank training ground as an off road course.

Dipping out of work a couple of hours early on the Friday, I drove down to Biére (an apt name) in the Defender and after some directions from a helpful Swiss soldier on sentry duty found the event. Never seen that many Series Land Rovers in one place at a time.  The Defender (which looked rather incongruous amongst its Series piers) was parked up next to a row of 109″ Doormobiles. Corks were pulled and the weekend began. I know an owner of one of the Doormobiles, who had towed his Series 1 to the event.

This is a Series only event (according to the web site) but all Land Rover marques were made welcome…. don’t come in a Jeep though…. You’ll be laughed at.

Additional photos of the weekend including fun on the offload course can be found here