The weather was such that I could push the Land Rover onto the driveway, leaving the garage free to lay down some fresh paint on the the roof panel.

This was a fairly straightforward job with generally flat and undamaged panels. Prep consists of giving the whole of the roof a good rub back with wet and dry. This was essential to remove the 50 years of ingrained dirt that couldn’t be shifted with a brush and soapy water. It also provides a decent key for the paint.

I’ve just about got the trick of thinning down the paint to a workable viscosity. No runs or drips today 🙂

Balin coming to see what’s going on with his roof
Areas of the roof in the shade of the sun sheet are obvious. The Z section strips will be painted in-situ. These support the sun sheet
View form the rear. Ready for a good rub back
An hour later and things are ready for paint. Galvanised gutter channel is masked off. The brown material is the original epoxy resin used to the bond and water proof between the roof panel and the gutter. In addition, the gutter is riveting to the roof.
20 minutes later, new coat of paint.
The 4 apertures in the middle of the roof are for the roof vents. The two longer openings (one on each side) are for the glazed “safari lights”… Lets you see passing giraffe
It took longer to clean the spray gun than it took to spray the roof
It really is a cardinal sin to paint over the gutter channels. The original galvanise steel gutters were never painted but you see a lot of repainted Series Land Rovers where this small detail is overlooked. Not on this one 🙂