I took the opportunity to catch up on some jobs that have been on the back burner for a while.

1: Replace the missing wiper lever nut

When I bought LGL, the small nut that held the wiper lever on was missing on the passenger side. It had been replaced with what looked like the end of a Bic pen cap. I managed to find both the lever and the nut on eBay. They’re super rare, so I bought 2 for future spares.

2: Fill up the overdrive.

After having had to remove the overdrive a few weeks ago, to cure the chronic oil leak, I needed to refill with oil. 500ml of finest EP90 will tick the box
Remove the shift rod, unscrew the bung, insert funnel and refill… slowly. Clean up spillage


3: Fit speedo cable

I ordered a new speedo cable some weeks ago but when it arrived it had the wrong speedo end. Part number was correct though. (It came in a Blue Bag) I thought I’d thrown the old one out but I spotted it hanging on the wall whilst lying under the Land Rover last week.
Err… no further explanation required I think other than there’s a retainer plate (to secure the cable) that gets fixed to the output housing by the 3 little threaded holes
Tiny bolts, what a fiddle to fit. A socket, swivel and two extensions were required and a pair on pin nose pliers to actual get the bolts in the holes. Gap far to small for big hands.


5: Fit lower front door seals

Foolishly, I fixed these to the top of the channel rather than the front face. Hey ho… Drill the rivets out, drill new holes and refit correctly. The wrong holes were filled with blind rivets. Thats all the door seals on the door bottoms. All the other seals have been ordered.


6: Put the carb back together

Well, actually, it was only bolt the carb down, reconnect the fuel line, vacuum hose and air cleaner… and reverse LGL onto the drive.

Looks good with the doors


7: Spraying the wings and bonnet

From previous posts, I’d covered some of the work on the wings and bonnet and now it’stime to paint them. This paint goes off quicker than Hammerite, so I’m pretty confident I can fit the wings tomorrow. (the window is closed in the garage tonight…. just to make sure it stays warm 🙂 )
Job done. (later repositioned to get the Landy back in the garage)

I hadn’t notice the rain that came along early evening and LGL took a good soaking. The engine really didn’t like it and misfired for the first cranks of the engine. All good now and back in the garage.