Almost the last electrical job on the vehicle… I’m happy to say 🙂

The side lights and indicators are replica Lucas units and look pretty good. Somehow they didn’t look that great on the rear, which is why I fitted the Nato lights back there. I had thought about fitting this style on the front but it would look wrong. Military Land Rovers (in the UK armed forces at least) had side lights sitting one on top of the other at the front, not side by side.

All the component parts


Rubber boots pushed into the holes in the wings and cables threaded through. Red for side lights, green with red trace for indicators. The black cables (on both sides) are the earth feed


Ends of the cables stripped to allow the connectors to be crimped on


Bullet connectors crimped on


Cables attached to the bulb holders


Bulb holders installed in the rubber boots and fixed back to the wing with new nuts and bolts…


… and then the glass lenses fitted


THEY WORK 🙂 I’m definitely going to swap all of the side light bulbs as well as the stop, break bulbs with negative earth LED bulbs. The contrast in light quality can easily be seen compared to the LED headlights.