A few bits and bobs needed to be finished off on the bonnet. Install the stay and closure assembly and drop the spare wheel on….


1: Bonnet stay

After a good clean up, the various parts of the bonnet stay are ready to be fitted


Stay bracket fixes by the side of the radiator using 2 top fixings on the wing… plus an extra one


Bottom of stay, fits with a split pin and washer. I added a spring washer to tighten things up a bit


Top end is bolted to the bracket on the underside of the bonnet frame


Holding his own 🙂


2: Closure Mechanism

To keep the bonnet closed, there’s a striker pin (to give it its correct name) that engages with the slam plate fitted way back in January this year on the top of the radiator panel.

A quick strip down and clean up and it was ready to be screwed back onto the bonnet frame.

Greasy old striker pin


Easily stripped down


All the bits degreased and cleaned up… as far as possible


… and simply screw into the bonnet frame


3: Spare wheel

Not that exciting and I’ll probably take it off again but was curious to see what it looks like.

Now to get it up there without damaging the paint


Lends the front end a certain presence. (taken later in the day after I’d fitted the side lights and mirrors)