After separating the frame from the skin and painting then, they had to be riveted  back together. Once that was done, other small tasks were to fit the hinges, new rubber wheel buffers, spare wheel mount (more riveting) and put the thing back onto the Land Rover.

Skin and frame. The matt black has come up well. Now to fit them back together again


Whilst taking every care not to damage the paint, I managed to get the frame back “inside” the skin of the bonnet without too much damage…. Unfortunately, I will need to repaint the front nose of the bonnet though.


The front lip has blind pop rivets and with the aid of the air powered riveter, it was easy enough. 


It’s hammer time… The remaining 48 rivets holding the bonnet skin to the frame are dome head rivets and best flattened with an air hammer. A snap punch (not pictured) holds the domed end whilst the shaft is hammered flat. This gives a very good mechanical fitting.


39 rivets fitted, 9 more to go to fit the wheel mount.


Then on with the hinges. Just incase anyone takes them off again they know I was here 🙂


Original hinge bracket fitted with new stainless hardware


A good buff up with a scotchpad and the galvanised wheel mount comes up… err… better. Its hid under a spare wheel much of the time


New spare wheel buffers from my favourite shop…. 


I really like the contrast of the green and the rivet heads. The vacant hole at the top of the wheel well is for drainage


The underside looks great too


Bonnet fitted 🙂

The bonnet stay, (to hold it up when open) and  the closure pin (to hold it shut when closed) will need to be fitted and I think, I’ll pop the spare wheel on there to see how it looks. With the exception of the lights, that’s the front end finished.

A good days work… 🙂