Series Land Rover doors, come in two parts. The bottom and the top. I’m fortunate enough to have a new set of Rocky Mountain door tops from Canada and are reported to be the best replacement door tops on the market. I’ve had them on a Series 3 before and they are excellent. They don’t rattle, don’t rot at the first sight of moisture and don’t let rain in…. PLUS… both panes of glass can be opened and closed.

They are delivered fully glazed in their bare aluminium state so need to be stripped, primed and painted.


Ultimately, this is what we’re aiming for. Needs bit of colour first.


Ready for the glazing and seals to be removed


Remove the 3 self tappers on the head of the frame… and …


… remove the seal trim. 


Once the seal trim, fore and aft lock clasps are removed, the whole seal can be prized out


2 naked frames ready for primer, this time painted with a brush. The weather was pretty rough outside and I didn’t want to spray anything with LGL in the garage. 


Primer laid down. I’ll need to rub it back in some places to remove the brush marks. I can’t run the spray compressor on a Sunday (tomorrow) and Monday is already busy so, I hope to get these sprayed and reglazed on Tuesday.