Right then… no pictures of the paint prep of the rear door. Primer and top coat were laid down in a hurry with left over batches mixed up when spraying other bits and pieces in the last few weeks.

The rear door (along with the 2 front doors) comes from Ashtree Land Rover Inernational and has a fully galvanised frame, so no issues with it rusting out. It is also braced to accept a spare wheel carrier. The frame is sleeved to accommodate the 3rd hinge required to support the additional weight of the spare wheel.

As with the front doors, Dynamat was applied to the inner skin and the lock case fitted. The captive nuts used to secure the lock to the door have some how vanished during the project so some judicious fiddling with my trusty cranked pin nose pliers was required to set the new “loose” bolts in place.


The holes are to allow the spare wheel carrier to be fixed but as I’m not quite ready for that…..


… the holes are blanked off with some rubber grommets temporarily. 


Flip it over….

… and fill the gaps with some Dynamat. The skin of the door is folded ever the outer frame but isn’t bonded in anyway to the spars criss crossing the door below the window line. Hopefully the Dynamat will eliminate any potential rattle… (the curse of Series Land Rovers)


After much cursing, the 4 lock fixings were put in place. When I stripped the vehicle down, I labeled the door locks. Can’t shift the permanent mark pen from this one though…. nail varnish remover maybe???


Close up of lock case and key barrel


Job done. Off to the basement for storage until the roof is on.