Having established the doors now close, the door tops could be sprayed Pastel Green, the seals and glass refitted and both door tops bolted to the door bottoms.

One of the the nice things about these Canadian built door tops is that both panes of glass can be slid open. On the original (and all other replacement door tops) the rear pane is the sliding pane.

The first job was to paint the primed frames….


Once the paint was dry the next day, progress could be made on the fit out…

Painted frames ready for fit out


First of all is this little aluminium badge gets riveted back on


Next is the rubber seal


The top angle (bottom) is the last piece to be fitted into order to let the 2 sliding panes of glass in


Now the right way up with the sliding glass panes installed


Each sliding pane has a small clip to secure it closed


It’s a bit blurred but you get the idea how the clips work
Each door top has 2 stainless steel threaded studs to secure them to the for bottom. The shorter portion of thread fits in the bottom of door top and will be treated with some Loctite to keep them in place
Reglazed and ready to be fitted. Note the new seals….


Door tops fitted