Bits and bobs update….

The high lift jack has featured in a few posts lending a hand here and there. It was battered, tatty but worked just fine. It’s a very versatile piece of kit and makes jacking the vehicle up quick and secure… secure enough to get an axle stand under the vehicle anyway. Not a good idea to work under any vehicle held up by a jack alone.

I inherited this jack when I bought a Series 3 in the UK. The vehicle is no longer with me but I kept the jack. Picture of Gracie below for posterity…..

LGL will end up wearing this on the back end of the roof, so it needed a bit of a tidy up. I thought about buying  new one… but it would look too… new.

It’s a pretty primitive piece of kit, so I didn’t go to the hassle of taking it fully apart. Yeah, I know but after a few trips to the garage that have yielded more things that need to be looked at a again, I fancied some quick gratification… all part of my existential development.

Previously it had been painted red (RAL 3020) to match Gracie (the aforementioned Series 3). Breaks down into 3 main components


I used an old paint brush and some degreaser to get most of the muck off and treated it to a steam clean at the local garage


Once dried, I took the knot wheel to it to shift as much of the loose paint as possible


Primer sprayed on


Shaft was painted in matt black Buzzweld chassis paint, the base in limestone and the crawler mechanism in pastel green to match the rest of the vehicle


A little bit of detailing on the studs….


Should match the rest of the vehicle quite well 🙂


And now for the nostalgia bit… Gracie with the highlift on the roof rack… Aldbourne, England, 2010