Now in possession of the correct genuine Land Rover tools to fit the infill strip to the safari roof light window seals, I can finish what I started in November.

The infill strip expands the main rubber seals sufficiently to stop the glass from falling out… which it would, if I went over a pothole… Not that I’ve found many in Switzerland 🙂

Two tools for one job. The cranked one on the right allows you to fit the infill strip under the edge of the safari roof skin without skinning the back of your fingers


All we need to finish the job. The original glass panel, new seal and infill strip, tools and some silicon lube… in the form of cable pulling spray


Naked apature


Rubber seal and glass fitted. I dropped the glass on the granite slabs a couple of times, it’s a testament to the robustness of laminate glass, it didn’t chip or break


A little more lube in the slot for the infill strip to help the tool glide along easily


Tool inserted and the seal opened up…


Infill strip pushed between the flange…


… and off we go


Roof light now held securely in place. I can now drive through potholes with confidence… If I happen to find one.

… and repeat on the port side, which i did.