Series 2 and 2a Land Rovers have distinctly deeper door cills than all later models. Some folk prefer not to fit them but i think they are a key feature of the model… rather like the protruding door hinges.

I didn’t take many pictures of this post but hopefully you get the idea. Whilst I was in and out from the underside of the vehicle, I also fitted the bodywork stay to the wing and rear tub. These have really firmed up the bodywork.

These were the first things I sprayed and have spent a long time languishing in the basement


New galvanised cill brackets form Bits 4 Landys (two on each side)


With the cills fixed fore and aft, the brackets bolt onto the steel subframe. New stainless BSF fixings throughout.


New bodywork stays from Bits 4 Landys from the bulkhead footwell to the front wing (behind the front wheel). These stop the wings from flapping about at the tremendous high speeds LGL will no doubt reach 😉


Same on the read end (in front of the rear wheel) bolted to the chassis
Without the door cills… LGL has a racy look about him…
With the door cills. Looks much more the part I think.

… and repeat on starboard side.

I’m not happy with the door seal at the bottom of the doors, so I’ll have to reposition both of these to tidy the gap up.

I so want to fit the roof and rear door, get some temporary plates and have a drive about. But with the roof on, I’m unable to drive back into the garage and I don’t want LGL to overwinter on the drive.

Update 11.12.17:

I fitted the passenger side cill over the weekend and it’s come out much better. I drilled out and removed the bottom door seal rather than trying to trim it and refitted it once the cill was in place. The gap looks quite tidy. I’ll have to do the same on the drivers side and replace the lower door seal.