Lift Handle Rear…. 2nr… 300816, to give them there official workshop description, but lifting handle? I wouldn’t want to lift much on them. Military Land Rovers have very specific lifting rings so the vehicle could be slung under a helicopter.


They’re be quite handy as something to grab hold of when helping extricate a stuck vehicle from mud and sand.

These are the original pair and have been soaking in a bucket of degreaser to get the Waxoyl of them most of last week. It came off eventually but only after a tickle with the knot wheel. The passenger side “handle” has a big dent in it. I’m not in the least bit worried about this as it lends a certain patina to the vehicle. They’ve been fixed in the location Land Rover fitted them on 12.05.66 too 🙂

That’s about as much of the Waxoyl that’s going to come off


Red oxide primer


Matt black Hammerite has dried nicely overnight


Handles and new stainless BSF fixings


Handles fit on the rear cross member with fixings going in the 4 small apertures. Should be easy enough…


Nope. The metal gusset on the rear of the cross member won’t let my hand in to fit the 2 fixings on the left. The right hand side was easy enough (you can see one of the nuts)


After much faffing about with a pair of pin nose piers in the end cross member, I finally got both nyloc nuts on. At this point I realised there’s a hole cut out under the cross member just big enough to get fingers and a spanner in. Amazing what you miss, even after 12 months of crawling around a chassis.


Passenger side completed… and repeat on the drivers side


and with the discovery of the new opening, a lot less faffing about 🙂


Bit too much flash but you get the idea

That’s pretty much the rear cross member fitted out now until I fit the drop plate for the towing assembly. I’m planning on acquiring a Sankey trailer (see below from the Gracie files) to restore to match LGL. They use a Nato towing hitch and pintel which are almost unheard of in Switzerland and will need to have E11 certification otherwise I’m not allowed to register the trailer. But that’s for another day.